“Those of us who value what the Labor Movement has created—the American middle class—realize that our opponents have a growing capacity to negatively impact public opinion about economic and social equality.

“The Labor Movement has to find new ways to get our message to the public and redefine the core values of the middle class.”

—Rick Bloomingdale, President,


About Real American Values

Good jobs. Good wages. Good benefits.

“Labor has achieved defensive legislative and electoral successes with its limited financial resources, but the battlefield has changed and the paradigm has shifted.

“The future depends on our ability to translate Labor’s success to a broader audience.”

 —Frank Sirianni, President,

PA Building & Construction Trades Council


The Purpose of Real American Values, a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization, is to educate and inform the general public about the positive benefit to our economy of such core American values as:

  • Defined benefit pensions and union-negotiated health care plans

  • Labor/Management training and apprenticeship committees

  • Labor’s long-term commitment to infrastructure and transportation funding at the state and local levels

  • Public education


  • Opposition to efforts to privatize vital government services delivered by public sector labor union members